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Legitimate Copyright Certifications

We at Roosevelt Ghostwriting put your satisfaction as our topmost priority. We respect your concerns and so offer legitimate copyright certifications to you claiming you to be the owner of your book. You will never face any intervention from our side or any third party without your approval. We provide proper legal evidence to avoid any confusion to rise in the future. It makes the author able to do whatever he wants to do with the book. He can break it into short books or post it wherever he wants without seeking anybody’s permission.

Moreover, there is no time duration for the copyrights to get annulled or expired. We provide a lifetime guarantee of the ownership of that book along with the right to sue the influencers. The author has complete right to sue the influencers or anyone who claims to share the sovereignty of that book. In case if you do not feel satisfied in the content of your book you can get it edited or revised from our professionals at any time. We stay close to our valued clients and address their concerns to build a strong and stable clientele.

Consequently, our copyright certification will give you a legal shield and defense against all piracy acts. Below are the few benefits of copyright certifications:

  • Legal Evidence of Ownership
  • Ability to Sue Infringers
  • Lifetime Validity
  • Public Record of Copyrights Ownership
  • Free of Future Damages

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